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Hair Stylists



Hair Extension FAQ

Short hair Styles

This Year's Hottest Trends in Hair

Home Coloring Tips

Hair styles to make your neck look longer

 Long Hair Care Tips

Home Coloring Tips

 Summer Hair Styles for 2005

 Holiday Hair Trends

Home products for any hair texture

 Hair Disasters!


Beauty Salons



Hair Tips!

Hair care and maintenance

Hair loss!

Dealing with Dandruff

The Right Amount of Shampoo

Every Woman Needs 5 Hair Products!

My Hair is Falling Out

Hair Die

Foods to Avoid for Healthy Hair

Overcoming a Bad Hair Day

How to pick colors for your highlights


Makeup Artists

Semi Permanent Makeup


Semi Permanent Makeup

Summer Makeup Tips

Mineral Make-up

America's Best Cosmetic Show


Makeup Studios



Color Basics

Make Up Tips

Spring Skin And Makeup

Flow Cover-Ups

The Truth About Lipstick

It's All In The Eyes

Four Makeup Bag Must Haves

Using the Right Eye Shadow

The Truth About Blush

Cosmetic Surgery



Surgery of Brow Lift

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Eyelid Surgery

To Lipo or Not To Lipo

Breast augmentation as a last resort

Basics of cosmetic surgery

A Liposuction Patient Story

Chin Augmentation (Mentoplasty) Basics

Extreme Make Overs

Tummy Tuck


Cosmetic Dentistry



Porcelain Veneers

Teeth Whitening Facts (take home)

Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Tooth Whitening Procedure

Maintaining Your Gorgeous Smile





Yikes. Are You Losing Your Hair?

Botox: Stress lines stressing you out?

The Rosacea Treatment

The Art of Tattoo Removal

The Treatment of Eczema

Age Spot Removal

Skin Treatment



Summer Time Skin Care Tips

How to Sun-Proof, Age-Proof Your Skin

Acne Cure Plan

How To Eliminate Blackheads

True or false?

Microdermabrasion, Is It Right For You?

Premature Aging And The Sun Factor

Choosing The Right Skin Care Products

24Hour Zip Zapper

Hair Removal



Waxing Tips

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing


Brazilian Bikini Wax

Choose from Nine Methods

Hair Inhibitor: Tips and Advice

Laser Hair Removal


Personal Trainers



Your Flab to Fab 15 Minute Fitness Solution

Time to work out!

Aerobic Exercise

Eat Less Tricks

The Dangers of Drinking Too Much Water

Have You Achieved Whole Body Fitness?

Is Target Heart Rate Important?

Five Ways to Move Your Butt This Fall

The Pilates Method

Circuit Training

How To Stay Motivated





Exercise equipment vs great outdoors

When Choosing a Health Club

Choosing the right exercise equipment

Age Related Exercise Tips!

Exercise with a health challenge

Choosing a fitness center

The not so good way to lose fat


Massage Therapists



The Sensual Massage

Massage tips


Types of massage

Maximum relaxation from massage





Essences of Day Spa

Getting Manicure and Pedicure at The Spa

Choosing a Day Spa

Spa Treatment: Body Wrapping

5 Tips to Enjoying Your Day Spa Visit

Types of Spas

Spa Etiquette


Women's Clothing



Spring and Summer Trends 2005

5 Tips to Better Clothes Shopping

Cheapskate Clothing Expenses

Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Clothes Shopping Tips

Shopping for Warmer Weather Clothes

Wedding Dresses



Bridal Gown Preparations

Wedding without the wedding planner

When Choosing Your Wedding Ring

Traditional or Not?

Wedding reception tips for brides

Bridal Beauty Tips

Wedding dress options

Before you shop for your wedding dress

Advice in shopping for a bridal dress

Hot Trends In Wedding Dresses

Show Some Skin

Is A Mermaid Style Dress Right For You?

Prom & Quinceanera



Prom Night Tips

Getting a Prom Date

Prom Hairstyle

What is prom night?

Preparing Prom Night

Top 10 Prom Dresses Guide Pick

Teen Styles



Teen Hairstyles

Teen Makeup Tips

Teen Fashion Made Simple

Teen Original Styling

Teen Skin Care

Blemish Prone Skin Regime

The Piercing truth

Bar & Bat Mitzvah


Fashion Stylists



Work it Girl!

Fashion Oops!

20 Hot Fashion Tips

Looking your best in a 9 to 5 world

How To Dress 10 Lbs. Slimmer

Buy Clothes to Suit Your Shape

How to become a fashion stylist



Event Planners



Why Hire an Event Planner?

How to Pick the Perfect Event Planner

Honeymoon Hot Spots

Planning an Engagement Party

Hosting a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Bridal Bouquet Preservation




Photo Tip- Understanding ISO

How many mega pixels is enough for me?

Photography tip: Capturing people

Wedding Photography Q&A

Has Digital photography taken over film?

Budgets And Photographs

Portrait Shoot Dos and Don'ts

Photojournalism Wedding Photography

Are Your Negatives Being Held Hostage?

Ready For Your Close-up?

Is Your Photographer Right For You?




Celebrity Professional Interview Article Map


Cy Cyr Photography - Photographer

Bodypainting by Mark Greenawalt - Makeup Artist

Paula Abraham - Makeup Artist

Kristen Nugent - KN Makeup Designs - Makeup Artist



Beauty Care Advisory Article Map


Kim Ross - Cosmetic Dentist

Debra King - Cosmetic Dentist

Veronica Camacho - Fashion Stylist

Shea English - Fashion Stylist

Susan - Fashion Stylist

Mahjuba - Fashion Stylist

Jason Hall - Hair Stylist

Cathy Toney - Hair Stylist

Keri Campbell Seay - Hair Stylist

Judith Hellman - Dermatologist

Jessica Monson - Massage Therapist

Juanita - Makeup Artist

Jason Hall - Makeup Artist

Linda Kelly - Makeup Artist

Jentri Chancey - Makeup Artist

Donna Ferrer - Makeup Artist

kali Nicole - Makeup Artist

Yamesha - Makeup Artist

Harold Calvin - Cosmetic Surgeon

Iraj Zandi - Cosmetic Surgeon

Billy - Personal Trainer

Robert - Personal Trainer


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