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Thurston Personal Training
3624 E Bell Rd Suite A, Phoenix, AZ, 85032
Metro Area: Phoenix
Business Category: Personal Trainer
Business Since: 2012
Contact Number: (623) 980-3485
Area of Specialities:
  • Body Makeover
Service Description:
Thurston Personal Training is a training facility providing top class fitness services in Phonex, AZ. Owned and operated by master personal trainer Seth Thurston who is a well- known fitness professional in the health and fitness industry in Phoenix Arizona. He has transformed lives and empowered people through cutting edge scientific methods to help them achieving their fitness goals. He is also an Official Trainer of Miss Maricopa, Miss Phoenix & Miss Scottsdale Contestants of the Miss America Beauty Pageant Organization. At Thurston Personal Training studio, Following services are offered. · Personal Fitness Training · Group Training · Fitness Bootcamp · Customized Meal Plan · Kinesio Taping · 3D Body Scanning Programs we offer at Thurston Personal Training Studio: · Women Fitness Program · Men Fitness Program · Complete Body Makeover · Competitive Fitness Training · Wedding Workout Transformation · Rehabilitation Program · Athletic Training We have top quality team of male and female fitness professionals to provide one on one training as well as group training sessions to make sure everyone is getting special attention and guidance to help them improving their fitness level. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, improve your cardiovascular endurance, train for a fitness competition or enhance your overall fitness level, our customized fitness programs have all you need to achieve your goals. Contact us today & let us help you achieve your fitness objectives.
  • Personal Training
  • Group Training
  • Fitness Bootcamp
Business Hours
  • Mon-Sat: 5:00-20:00
    Sun: closed
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