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Teen Original Hair Styling
Teen Original Hair Styling
Teen Original Hair Styling

Now, this is something that I’m sure every teenage girl witnesses, at least once, throughout high school. Now you’re sitting in class and one of the coolest girls walks in with one of the most original hairstyles that you had ever seen. Although you might agree that it does look good on her, it still isn’t something that you’d imagine on your head.

But in the next couple of weeks or so, you start to notice that about 3 girls are sporting that hairstyle. Then about a couple of months or so later, after she had already moved on to a new look, you realize that half the girls in your class are rocking that look! You even catch yourself thinking that this hairstyle is actually pretty cute.

Next thing you know it, you start to think that what if, this hairstyle can work out for you. Finally, you decide to take that leap of faith and you start saving up and/or maybe even bugging your parents for a couple of bucks. Rush to the closest, hot salon and ask for that hairstyle.

$75.00 and 45 minutes later, the hairstylist hands you the mirror. Finally, the moment of truth is here. You almost faint when you look in the mirror and see this stranger with the Medusa hairdo and features similar to yours. Then having to realize that the stranger you see in the mirror is really you! But totally not you at the same time!

Ok now, don’t freak out. A bad haircut can always grow back out. Thank goodness for hats, scarves, and beanies, it’s not the end of the world. Looking good consistently has everything to do with discovering your own personal style. How do you find your style? Start by taking inventory of what looks great on you, what feels good to you, and what you really love.
You'll also need to know your face shape. Is your face long and narrow, a rectangle? Or is your face square, round or heart-shaped. The shape of your face will assist you in finding a hairstyle that will show off your best features.

When her style is all the rage, you'll know in an instant if it's right for you and what adjustments have to be made to turn her style into YOUR style.

You can also try on hairstyles. Stop in a wig shop. Take Polaroid's. It's really a blast. Compare your face shape with those of the models in hair magazines to get the best idea of what will work.
Your personal style is another way to celebrate who you are, being a girl who is both seen and heard. Have fun discovering more unique qualities about yourself. Never again do you have to wear her look. Just think, you might find her wearing yours!

Home Coloring Tips
Home Coloring Tips
Home Coloring Tips

You can get real results with the new home-coloring products. They have become so easy to use that they are practically foolproof and ever so natural-looking.

  • Deep condition before you color

  • Wait two days after shampooing before coloring. The color will adhere better, since your scalp is more sensitive after shampooing, it will make the process more comfortable. Plus the natural oils in your hair will protect it.

HINT: Here's a bizarre secret to getting hair color off your hands and around the hairline. Rub the stains with wet cigarette ashes.


Dark Hair: Dark Haired beauties can create a temporary color with tea, walnuts, and coffee.

  • Brew a strong tea and use a final rinse. Boil one cup of chopped walnuts with one cup of water. Strain the liquid and pour overhead. Leave on thirty minutes before shampooing. Brew and espresso or other strong coffee. Add to dry hair. Leave on thirty minutes before shampooing out. This will add sparkling highlights to black or brown hair.

  • Combine 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/4 cup soy sauce to give highlight and subtle coloring to dark hair. The soy sauce not only has protein for strength, but also brown pigment. Leave on fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash out thoroughly.

  • Use 1/2 cup cranberry juice as a final rinse to enhance red hair or create subtle red highlights to dark hair.

Light Hair: Brew a cup of very strong chamomile tea. Let it cool to lukewarm. Spray or comb into dry hair. Leave on twenty minutes (if possible sit in the sun). Shampoo and rinse. This gives a color lift and subtle highlights to blonde and light brown hair.


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Short Hair Styles
Short Hair Styles
Short Hair Styles

Do you have long hair and always wished to try something new and different with it? Perhaps even cutting it short? If so, then what kind of things should you look for before chopping off years of growth? Lastly, what hairstyles fit your face and eyes best?

To determine what type of hairstyle fits you best you have to keep up on what’s new in hairstyles and what is not right? Wrong! Although in the past short styles use to follow clear definitions such as the chop vs. the bob or the shag, the lines have become completely blurred over the past year.

For 2004 we had a new set of rules.

There are now layered chops that have some lengths that would fall more into a bob category. With 2004, “anything goes.?Short hairstyles have the freedom to mix and match bangs, clips, shags, chops, panel strands and layers to create your own customized tresses.


If you are not sure on what type of short hairstyle you should have, don’t worry! Here are some things to consider:

  • Check out what’s hot with celebrities to see what they’re doing with their short hairstyles. Consider how their hair fits with their facial features and take pictures of them to take to your favorite hairstylist to discuss how this hair style can work for you.

  • If you are still undecided about picking the best short hairstyle, try keeping your current length, whether it’d be medium or long, but have bangs added to your look in the meantime. Try a new part or add or modify existing bangs. Both options can instantly give you a feeling of a new shorter style without the actual help of the scissors.

  • As you evaluate your short hair options, let a color change lead you in a new direction. Experiment with different shades and if you like it, change your length with your new hues.

More Hair Care Articles
More Hair Care Articles
More Hair Care Articles

Dealing with Dandruff
When using a dandruff shampoo, always read the instructions very carefully. It is very important to massage the scalp vigorously to help remove the dead skin cells. It is equally important to rinse the hair well so that your hair doesn't dry out from the use of the extra ingredients.

The Right Amount of Shampoo
If your hair won't behave after washing, it might simply be that you are using too much shampoo and stripping all the oil from the hair. For shoulder-length hair, pour a quarter-size amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. That will be plenty. For shorter hair, simply adjust the amount. Don't expect a mountain of lather. It really isn't necessary anyway. And imagine the savings on your shampoo bill.

My Hair is Falling Out
If you find that suddenly your hair is falling out in handfuls, it would be a good idea to mention the fact to the doctor. There are a lot of factors that could be causing the problem which include hormones, stress, anemia, poor diet, pregnancy, and genetic factors. This condition can also take place at menopause. Thyroid and Alopecia can also be reasons so be sure to have the condition looked at. We naturally lose about 100 hairs a day so if you
are losing more than this, it is something that should be looked into.

Foods to Avoid for Healthy Hair
To ensure that the hair that is forming beneath the surface of your scalp is healthy, there are a few foods that you should avoid and replace with fresh fruits and vegetables. They include too many sweets, chocolate, cakes, and cookies. Unfortunately, these favorites simply don't do a thing for your hair.

Every Woman Needs These 5 Hair Products!
1. Good cleaning shampoo that's designed for your hair type
2. Everyday light conditioner
3. Leave-in conditioner
4. Good styling aids i.e. waxes, gels
5. Hair shiner

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Hair care and maintenance
Hair care and maintenance
Hair care and maintenance

Besides all the hair spraying and styling, your natural hair alone can determine how you look and perceive yourself. We all have our days where we just want to leave our hair down and simple. But when we do, it never stays the way we want it to. What can be the problem?

Well, one thing that people abuse is the maintenance of their hair. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the maintenance of healthy hair:

  • Hair is most fragile when wet, so when drying, avoid brushing through. Try finger combing or use wide-toothed combs and pull from the bottom.

  • When using mousse and styling gels, avoid ones that contain alcohol.

  • Eating a well-balanced diet contributes to healthy hair and skin.

  • When choosing the correct shampoo, use one that is pH balanced and designed specifically for your hair.

  • Switching shampoo brands can help avoid build-up.

  • Never use hot water when shampooing or rinsing your hair.

  • After swimming, wash your hair as soon as possible to clean out the chlorine residue.

  • When blow-drying, keep the temperature cool to keep your hair shiny, from drying out, and also easier to manage. (This might take longer, so set time aside.)

  • Avoid brushing your hair too much; it can lead to split ends.

  • Washing your hair every day can actually dry out your hair and make it brittle.

Hair Die
Hair Die
Hair Die

How far are you willing to go to achieve that dark brunette tone on your naturally blonde hair? Let’s say you’re already a brunette and you’re just dying to have dark red hair. What are the sacrifices that you are willing to make? Even if it means drying out your hair and nearly killing it? What factors should you consider before applying hair dye?

Since the beginning of time, humans have always been fascinated with changing the color of their hair. From Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, all the way up until today’s self-conscious, modern society, people have tons of reasons for coloring their hair. Hair coloring is the transformation agent to a new you. Mixing a simple solution and applying it to your hair can drop years of age, grey hair. Although, are we aware of some of the sacrifices that we have to make to achieve the color that we desire?

What we might already know are the basic facts about allergic reactions that are printed on most hair coloring boxes we find in stores. What exactly should we avoid, so we do not encounter this allergic reaction? This depends on what kind of hair dye to use. Despite most hair dyes are made with the same ingredients, there are still some hair dyes that are proven to be “safe.? One thing to check for on some labels is p-Phenylenediamine also known as phenylenediame dihydrochloride or benzenediamine dihydrochloride.

Most of the derivatives or this chemical may cause serious allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. If swallowed it may lead to even more serious problems that may cause endangerment to one's life. To top off everything, this allergic situation is resulting in hair damage. Hair dyes, whether you’re dying your whole head or simply applying highlights you’re going to eventually do some damage to the follicles.

With all these dangerous outcomes that hair dyes can result in, should I even think of considering dyeing my hair? Yes, you still can, but understand that in life, there are gives and takes. However, being knowledgeable of the risks and outcomes is always a good thing and can lead to preventive measures. Another option is to do “patch? tests. Patch tests are basically applying a small amount of dye to a small area of your skin. If any signs of irritability occur in that spot, most likely, you are allergic. Lastly, to ensure totally insure yourself, visit a physician, and ask questions about certain products and their ingredients. Find out whether or not your scalp can tolerate certain chemicals. Whether you choose to use hair dye or not, it never hurts to go that extra mile to find out if hair dye is safe for you.

Health should always come first before anything. You wouldn’t want your hair to fall off and die right?


Hair Loss!
Hair Loss!
Hair Loss!

What causes us to lose hair?! Of course, we all know that age plays a key role when it comes to hair loss. Why do we lose hair while we’re still young though? Well, there are two main reasons, genetics, and hormones. Certain people are genetically predisposed to hair loss when exposed to a by-product of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is made in the body by both men and women and new research has proven that this hormone is responsible for the progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle.

Here are some major facts about hair loss? Patchy Hair Loss: Immune system disorder called Alopecia areata causes hair follicles to stop producing hairs. Sudden loss of hair from small patches on the head is a common symptom.


  • Hair Pulling: Loss of hair results from constant pulling, often the result of tightly braided hairstyles

  • Delayed growth from Stress: The stress can slow down the growth of new hair, and a few months after the stressful event, all of the resting follicles begin to shed hairs at about the same time.

  • Sudden Hair Loss: Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy halt the growth phase of hair follicles, and result in the sudden shedding of hair. Some medications can also cause hair loss as a side effect.

  • Broken Hairs: Hair shaft breakage is when part of a hair breaks off, but the growing end remains in the follicle and continues to grow. Hair shaft breakage results in thinner hair and can be caused by excessive styling, chemicals, sun, and chlorine in swimming pools.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Nutritional deficiencies are rarely a cause of hair loss. In rare cases, certain nutritional deficiencies can cause weak hair shafts that tend to break off.

  • Other Causes: Certain chronic illnesses can result in hair thinning and loss. Hormone-related irregularities can include hair loss among other symptoms. Skin Infections can result in hair loss. Trauma such as burns and injury to hair follicles can cause permanent hair loss.

Now that we are more aware of these causes, maybe we can acknowledge them and be more careful about our hair follicles. Well, what exactly can we do to help stop hair loss? Here are a few things that can help:

  • Massage your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) daily to stimulate and promote circulation to your scalp.

  • Comb or brush your hair and scalp gently with about 100 - 200 strokes in the morning and at night. This helps break up hardened oils (sebum) that are clogging your hair follicles. Doing this alone has grown new hair.

  • When you’re using blow dryers, always keep the heat a good distance from your head. This will avoid heating the scalp and hair excessively.

  • Avoid getting hair creams, lotions, styling gels, and sprays directly on the scalp as this will clog up your hair follicles. Use a light hold spray if you must.

  • After swimming in a pool, shampoo your hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine residue. Chlorine is extremely damaging to the hair and scalp.

  • Avoid over-exposing your hair and scalp to the wind and sun.

  • Avoid tight hats and caps as they contribute to poor circulation, depriving the hair of proper nutrition. Sweat, dirt, and grime around the rim inhibit follicle health and contribute to a build-up.

  • Always consult your health care provider for extreme fallout and thinning. A medical condition or medication could be causing hair loss side effects.

  • Strive for balance and harmony in both your personal and professional lifestyle. High-stress factors can cause our body to react by fluctuating hormone levels. This in turn causes excessive oil secretion (sebum) which results in hair loss.

  • Pregnancy, nursing, menopause even birth control medication cause constant changing factors on your nutritional needs and hormonal levels which contribute to hair loss and fallout.

  • Avoid "crash and fad" diets. Proper nutritious meals along with vitamin and mineral supplements are a key factor for healthy hair and skin.

Hair Tips!
Hair Tips!
Hair Tips!

A build-up of serums, glossers, or hair polishes can make your hair look dull and greasy. Use a different shampoo than you normally use to wash away build-up.

Always have a backup hairstyle that you can use in case of emergencies. Keep some scrunchies on hand for days when a ponytail is your only salvation. Buy some hair clips and barrettes and all different shapes and styles to allow you to play with different pigtails, braids, and buns.

Plan your hairstyles for big events. Instead of waiting until right before the special event, pick out some styles now and either grow your hair into the style or select a new hairstyle that you will have time to perfect for the big event. And try out the hairstyle before the big day.

When you add lots of layers to your short cut, style possibilities are endless. When layers get progressively longer from the exterior to the top, you can roller set the interior for a soft, feminine curl.

Overcoming a Bad Hair Day
Overcoming a Bad Hair Day
Overcoming a Bad Hair Day

An experience in the beauty salon should be a positive journey on the road to a new look for the patron. However, there are exceptions when the unsuspecting customer falls into the hands of a certified quack and ends up with a disaster. For instance, a hairdresser who claimed to be a professional in the realm of tint and color damaged my wavy brown hair by leaving the bleach in for three hours. My hair was reduced to pallid, lifeless strands, which fell out along with pieces of my scalp whenever I tried combing it.

My husband recommended a home remedy for my predicament, his source from American history circa the late 1800s. In those days, hair color, products, and treatment were extremely harsh. These folks used effective formulas for dealing with badly damaged hair made from ingredients that were purchased from a general store.

Today, you can find these common ingredients at a grocery or drug store in your city.

  1. 3 parts of baby oil.

  2. 2 parts almond oil.

  3. 1 part glycerin-based skin moisturizer. Make sure glycerin is the first ingredient for the best results. Pick the scent that pleases you.

  4. Mix ingredients together and pour contents into an empty bottle for safekeeping.

  5. Before use, thoroughly shake the bottle and apply the solution to the head, and massage gently into the hair.

  6. Put a shower/hair cap over your hair and then go to bed.

  7. In the morning remove the shower cap and cleanse hair with a mild shampoo and rinse.

  8. Apply home remedy every night before going to bed for best results.

Overtime this proven strategy gave me soft, manageable hair and my scalp stopped peeling too.

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