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Frequently Asked Questions

BeautyStaffs helps visitors find beauty or personal care professionals and share their experience with professionals with makeup pictures. We offer free listings, paid premium listing and banner marketing services. Click here for pricing and complete descriptions.
Visit our Advertiser Center page and select the free or premium service. We recommend that you upload business or client photos and talk to your clients to visit your page and post pictures of their makeup picture. For more information on sign-up, go to our Advertiser Center
Position of the business in search result page is determined by quality score. Premium Listing gets 20 points. Each photo uploaded on business gallery gets one point. Data entry on each business field gets a point.
Once you sign up for Free or Premium listing, you have your own profile page where you can post business picture or client’s makeup pictures. However be assured you get approval for posting client’s picture as this is the business’s responsibility
You can login at ‘Login’ tab or link. If you lost your login information, request to recover your password by clicking the link from Login page.
Click here for more information. To sign up for your banner posting on our website, e-mail us at
You can contact us by sending email to Or, you can leave a message by calling us.