The Sensual Massage
The Sensual Massage

Given the fact that the skin is the largest sense organ of the body, explains why we as humans have such an innate need for touch. From the warm comforting hug to a small child, the secure feeling of holding a lover’s hand, to a back rub while relieving stress. Touch is one of our important senses that can trigger emotional and mental connections in return.

When giving a sensual massage it should be anything but rushed. It is a process that you must take the time and savor. For those who are “receiving? the massage, take this time to put all worries aside and just soak in all the sensations to experience. As a receiver, take the time to fully enjoy and explore your partner’s body. The most important factor is to maintain continual contact with the skin. If using oil with the massage, it is best that the oil stay warm. Keep in mind that when using oil, that you do not use too much or use too less. Use just enough to cover the palms without dripping. Although there is no proper technique, there are many suggestions. Do what feels natural and be alert to what works best for your partner.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while giving/receiving a sensual massage:

  • One thing to do to relax and melt away the stress is to take a warm bubble bath.

  • Consciously program your mind to be open to all senses and to receive each fully. (Also, note that the ideal is to switch roles from "giver" to "receiver.)

  • To totally enhance the moment, try using scented candles, oils, and/or lotions.

  • Try adding relaxing music in the background. Music that will not distract you away from the mood.