Choosing a Day Spa
Choosing a Day Spa

When choosing a day spa, there's a lot to be said for convenience. Find the day spas in your area, and go pick up a menu of services. It’s fair to ask for a tour, though they may not be able to accommodate you if treatments are going on.

Another factor to look at is size and atmosphere. Day spas can be as homey as a bed and breakfast or a multi-million dollar facility. Take a tour to find out if you like the spa’s style.

Look for specialties. While day-spas tend to offer as many services as possible, they might excel in a particular area, such as skincare, massage, or healing treatments.

But the most important component is the quality of the personnel. A good massage therapist or aesthetician should be able to put you at ease from the start. And as in any pursuit, some people are more gifted and committed than others.

I can always feel the difference between the people who are going through the motions and the people who love what they do, and I rebook with the people who do the best work.

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