Exercise equipment vs. the great outdoors
Exercise equipment vs. the great outdoors

These are a question that always gets us a little confused. The question is which is actually more effective between running on a treadmill and running outdoors? Climbing a stair master or climbing actual stairs?

No matter which you choose, you will be burning a good amount of calories and building a good amount of sweat! So to answer those questions…exercising outdoors (or indoors, just not using exercising equipment). The reason why exercising outdoors is a more effective way to run or climb, is because it creates resistance. With each stride you take, you’re pushing yourself forward which causes resistance in the muscle. When using exercise equipment, you have a belt under you which minus the resistance. Therefore you take out half the actual exercise. There are a few factors that come into mind when trying to compare both types of exercises and they are:

  1. When exercising on equipment it takes out half of the actual exercise. This is where resistance comes into mind. The whole point of exercising is trying to build that resistance. That is what works you out. Some treadmills have the option and ability to tilt upwards creating an uphill type exercise; this is great and can add some resistance to your exercise.

  2. Running on a treadmill tends to be really boring. Depending on where the treadmill is located and facing, people tend to “space out.? Even if a treadmill were to be facing something you’re still at the same spot for about 30 minutes. One way to avoid boredom is by using a walkman or an mp3 player so that you can listen to music as you run or climb. Running outdoors can create obstacles and can lead you to take turns and different paths. This alone can cause less boredom in your exercise.

  3. Unless you have extra treadmills or stair masters around you, working out with someone is a good way to stay motivated. Running or climbing on exercise equipment tends to be less motivating because there’s really no one there to motivate you. The only thing motivating you on a treadmill is the number of minutes you have left until the exercise course you chose is going to end. Exercising with a friend outdoors is a great way to motivate you to push harder.

  4. Running indoors is a lot more efficient in the wintertime. Nobody wants to run out in the rain or snow? Remember there are still natural elements outside which can ruin a good workout. If it is too windy, that can cause extra resistance which can lead you to lose energy faster.

These are just a few factors to think of when you’re deciding on whether you should use exercise equipment or exercise outside. Are you still going to be able to burn calories and lose weight using exercise equipment? Of course! It’s the way to go if you have all the time and patients in the world. Keep this in mind; don’t let the machine work you out, work out yourself!