Quinceanera Hair Style
Quinceanera Hair Style

When a girl of Hispanic heritage turns 15, it becomes a celebration of passage into her womanhood. It’s a very special event for a girl and just like with every special event, comes a special hairstyle. We’re not just talking about curling and leaving it down. Well, you might ask, “What kind of hairstyle can you have for such an event??

A Quinceanera is a very elegant event, which calls for a very elegant type of hairstyle. So you might think of other elegant events that require that kind of style. Well, there are weddings and prom, which usually result in an updo. And if you’re thinking of updo’s then you got it! Quinceanera hairstyles are just like those that you might see at a prom or a wedding. Here are some points to remember when doing your hair for that sweet 15.

  • One thing about updo’s is how it accentuates the facial features of a women’s face, unlike most hairstyles these days which wrap around the face and tend to cover the eyes. Which of course cannot be acceptable in a Quincea? ras for it is a time of celebrating and looking elegant.

  • If you have a rounder, fuller face, updo hairstyles that work to elongate your facial features are your best bet. A high ponytail that is curled into layers that build upon each other achieves this longer updo quite well.

  • If your face is longer and thinner, try updo hairstyles that place more hair behind the head than on top of it. A one-quarter ponytail with some fluffy barrel curls to add waves is a great look for women with longer facial features. The hair on top of the head tends to remain flattered, while the added hair depth behind your head gives your profile a rounder, more symmetrical appearance

Don’t be afraid to try different hairstyles. Remember it’s your big day and it’s on you to feel comfortable and beautiful.