Getting a Prom Date
Getting a Prom Date

Getting the right prom date is often the result of careful planning.

Girls typically work harder at getting a prom date than do boys. They seem to know intuitively how to get a prom date: planning months in advance, spending time with the right guy, and hanging out in the right group. These, the most successful methods, work best with advance planning.

Guys need to face their fears: Will you risk rejection by asking the person you are most attracted to or play it safe by asking someone else? For you, how to get a prom date includes deciding what you want and what you are willing to risk. Then, ask-but doesn't wait until prom week.

If you did wait until prom week, you may still find a prom date. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you should already know how to get a prom date-but you should have asked before now. The next easiest approach is to ask a good friend. After that, asking someone in a lower grade is a safe bet for guys, because junior girls often make it a top priority to go to prom with a senior. Asking someone in another school works, too, since it feels risk-free all around.

If prom week is upon you and you are still wondering how to get a prom date, try asking your cousin, or your brother or sister. Admittedly this is the last choice, but it has a long tradition going back to the earliest of proms.

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