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More Make Up Articles

The Truth About Lipstick
Pink glossy lips are in for spring and summer. The most popular is a glossy, soft, sheer shade with brighter hues like hot pink. A rule of thumb: If your lips are thin, avoid dark shades, since they make lips look narrower; a natural shade of gloss will make your mouth look fuller. Conversely, if your lips are very full, be judicious with the shine. Stuck with a color that seems too intense? Use a lip brush to mix it with a clear gloss.

It's All In The Eyes
The trend for this spring is color and lots of it!
Black is out, baby blue is in, sheer but vibrant pastels for eyes, and middle eastern-inspired colors. Remember that white, pink, and yellow eyeliner pencils tend to make the eye look open and brighter, and blue counteracts redness. An expert tip: in order to make eyeliner easy to apply, manufacturers sometimes make it so creamy it doesn't stay put. You can use a matching eye shadow or powder liner to set your eyeliner.


Four Makeup Bag Must Haves:
1. Mascara: the easiest way to make your eyes pop.
2. Lipstick: the right lipstick has the power to transform.
3. Powder: the right powder creates a flawless finish for all skin types.
4. Moisturizer: regardless of skin type, moisturizer keeps skin supple and works as a primer under makeup.

The Truth About Blush
The key is to apply a very small amount. There are several types of blush available, so choose wisely:
Powder blush is best applied after your face powder. It will lie on top of the skin, adding a translucent glow. Cream blush has the most intense pigment and should be used sparingly. Apply it over the foundation but before powder. Liquid and gel blushes give you a stain of color that looks very natural. Apply over foundation or to bare skin for a soft, fresh-scrubbed look.