Using the Right Eye Shadow
Using the Right Eye Shadow

If you have brown eyes, beige, copper, bronze, and coffee colors, highlight your face and enhance the color of your eyes.

If you have blue eyes, a dark blue will give your eyes really blue look, purple, taupe, and gray are also great colors for you.

If you have hazel or green eyes, greens are your best color, brown and purple will enhance your eye color also.

Use matte or satin textures for the day, and shimmery textures at night. Don't try to match your eye color with a shadow, it looks really dated. Stick to neutrals or contrasting shades, which show off your eyes' color.

How to Make Your Eye Shadow Last Longer

We all have that problem of having to touch up our makeup. Well here's a way to help your eye shadow looking fresh all day.

  • Apply a thin layer of face powder to your eyelid with a damp eye shadow brush and allow it to set.

  • Then apply eye shadow and forget about it until it's time to take it off.

  • Eye shadow simply darkens when you are feeling hot & sweaty so to lighten it, apply a lighter eye shadow or loose powder over it before re-applying the actual color.

  • Eye shadow now comes in various forms; powder, gel & even cream.

  • The powder is most probably the one that lasts the longest.