Make Up Tips
Make Up Tips

Are you overwhelmed when you visit the make up department? Do all of the choices of eye shadow color, lipstick, and foundation formulas make your head spin? We will help you know exactly what to look for to accentuate your natural features and cover or improve those that you are not crazy about.

You will find out why you should always use products with SPF if available. This will prevent future damage and will make your make up routine less stressful (and expensive) in 15 or 20 years. Imagine holding off the quest for wrinkle reduction for even a few years just because you decided to add a little moisturizer with SPF every day to your make up routine. The benefits will last a lifetime.

Another investment that has long-term payoffs is Permanent Makeup. Permanent Make up is an excellent option for people who want to save time on the basics: eyebrow fill-in, eyeliner, and lip color. Gone are the days of sneaking into the local tattoo parlor for a quick lip fix! Licensed specialists can manually implant pigment so that the overall effect is natural and can be enhanced with traditional makeup. You’ll save time in the morning, look “done? in the rain, when you’re working out, or even going to bed at night! Keep in mind that Permanent Make up is just that—permanent! The “smoky eyes? that are trendy now may not be as appealing next year. Stick to the basics with permanent pigments and let our tips handle the rest!

The primary goal in wearing makeup is to show off that beautiful face without others noticing all of the hard work that went into making your beautiful face flawless. Accentuate your natural beauty with our easy makeup tips to create stunning eyes, luscious lips, and a perfect complexion. Maybe you weren't born with the skin that you'd like, or maybe you just want to cover up that surprise blemish for a hot date. No matter what you're looking for, we offer tips on how to apply everything from eyeliner to conceal. Also, our tips for makeup product care and shelf life can be extremely useful in knowing when it's time to toss that mascara and buy a new one. For example, be sure to discard cosmetics, even the really expensive ones, within the time frames that follow: Lipstick and Lip Liner, 1 year; Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, and Mascara, 3 months; Blush, 6 months; Nail Polish, 2 years if stored properly. After you've opened and used your makeup, it's exposed to the air and all sorts of pollutants that gather on your face and hands.

Maybe you need to know which types of brushes are best for your makeup application. Natural bristles last longer and are almost always better than synthetic bristles. Good choices are squirrel, which is the softest and blend the best; sable, which will last almost forever and can be used with creamier products such as lipstick; and Taklon, which distributes the makeup without absorbing it. And at the end of the day, a great way to take off makeup is with baby oil. Just dab a little on a tissue and swipe across your face. Use these and other helpful tips to make the most of your makeup and application, and let that natural beauty shine through!

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