Karen Cecilia's beauty column
Karen Cecilia's beauty column

The saying is; The eyes are the windows of the soul. So what color are you going to paint the window frame? The number one question as a makeup artist I get is what colors bring out my eyes? Well, the color not only depends on your eye color but your hair and skin tone as well.

Let's talk about cool and warm colors. Cool colors are any colors with a blue undertone. The easiest way to tell if a color is cool, hold up something blue next to your eyeshadow If it seems like they have a similar tone it's cool. Warm colors are the other direction. Warm colors have a red or orange undertone. Hold up something red or orange to your shadows to see if they are warm. You can also test your blushes and lipsticks this way. You want to wear the opposite color to give a contrast and make your eye color pop out.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right colors for your eyes. Your personality is the biggest factor, along with your wardrobe, personal style, event, and the season. Another main factor is your hair color. Whether it is cool or warm determine first. Warm hair would include, honey blonds, redheads, auburn or chestnut brunettes. Cool tones include ash blonds, beige browns, ash brown, and black. Silver or white hair also falls in the cool category.

Flash those baby blues! If you have warm-colored hair bring out blue eyes with peaches, coppers, corals, pinkish golds, and eggplant. For cool-toned hair color try cotton candy pinks, raspberry pinks, all shades of grey and silver or bronze.

Going green is more than just a saying! Green eyes will pop when your hair is warm with amber golds, mauves, rosy pinks, and plums. Cool coloring loves a dusty rose, purple, candy pink, and blackberry. Yum!

Cafe o' le with hazelnuts are just more than a sweet treat! If you have chocolate brown or hazel eyes you have the most options. Warm hair with these eyes love golds, olive green chocolate browns, and forest green. Cool hair loves teal greens, navy blues, and charcoal browns.

This is a guide but I urge you to experiment with hints of color in your makeup pallet. You may be surprised at what looks good. Remember to have fun with your makeup.  

Author: Karen Cecilia, Makeup Artist, NYC