What can I do for dark circles/puffy eyes?
What can I do for dark circles/puffy eyes?

For puffy eyes, I recommend using tea bags, preferably organic green tea. It's affordable, has powerful antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory agent, and has an inhibitory action regarding collagen, therefore resulting in firmer skin.

For dark circles, finding the color that negates the blue/ black/green (whichever you're experiencing) is key. You want to conceal it, and not just pile on a bunch of mismatched colors in an attempt to conceal it, right? I've recently found a product called "My Spots are Concealed" which is about $5 and can be found at Sally's beauty supply. People that are stuck on "ya get what you pay for" probably aren't going to try the products I try. I try everything because that's the only way I KNOW if it works, and that's my job as your makeup artist -- to find what's going to HELP YOU! This product is great for negating that blueness beneath the eye, but unfortunately, I can only find it in light & medium color, which doesn't work for everyone (I'm still working on the perfect answer!!!). Even if you use it as your base, you can apply your regular foundation over it, and it lasts quite well. It's waterproof, which is a plus, especially when considering the duration of the day.

Bye for now, and good luck!

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