Teen Makeup tips
Teen Makeup tips

First off we must recognize that young women in today’s society are more trend-conscious and more brand-aware than ever before. They’re more into up to date, fashion-forward, wearable like of product. When looking for makeup we must focus on lines formulated with “good-for-you? ingredients. It’s the perfect choice for young women who want to wear fun, colorful makeup while maintaining their fresh and natural look. Always keep this in mind, no matter how old you are; makeup is to enhance your natural facial features, not to cover.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind


  • Always clean your makeup brushes and applicators to reduce bacteria and oil build-up.

  • For more luscious lips, lip gloss does the trick. If you want a more nighttime look, add some color to your lips by trying lipstick in sheer color.

  • Pink and peach blush tones compliment almost any skin tone. Apply to the apple of your cheeks and blend outwards, towards your hairline.

  • When using eyeliner, pencil eyeliner would look more natural than liquid liner.

  • Keep your makeup light for school. You don’t need to use make-up on every facial feature you have! Mix and match to find out what looks best for you.


  • Don't use a rich cream or foundation on oily skin. A heavy moisturizer or foundation will probably wreak havoc and cause pimples. Try using a light moisturizer or oil-free foundation.

  • Don't over pluck your eyebrows. Overly plucked eyebrows look unnatural and make your eyes appear smaller.

  • Don't wear heavy make-up in the summer. The heavy foundation will cake and melt off in the summer heat and humidity, leaving you with a streaked look.

  • Don't choose dramatic colors for daytime looks. Neutral tones are the best for daytime