Home Coloring Tips
Home Coloring Tips

You can get real results with the new home-coloring products. They have become so easy to use that they are practically foolproof and ever so natural-looking.

  • Deep condition before you color

  • Wait two days after shampooing before coloring. The color will adhere better, since your scalp is more sensitive after shampooing, it will make the process more comfortable. Plus the natural oils in your hair will protect it.

HINT: Here's a bizarre secret to getting hair color off your hands and around the hairline. Rub the stains with wet cigarette ashes.


Dark Hair: Dark Haired beauties can create a temporary color with tea, walnuts, and coffee.

  • Brew a strong tea and use a final rinse. Boil one cup of chopped walnuts with one cup of water. Strain the liquid and pour overhead. Leave on thirty minutes before shampooing. Brew and espresso or other strong coffee. Add to dry hair. Leave on thirty minutes before shampooing out. This will add sparkling highlights to black or brown hair.

  • Combine 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/4 cup soy sauce to give highlight and subtle coloring to dark hair. The soy sauce not only has protein for strength, but also brown pigment. Leave on fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash out thoroughly.

  • Use 1/2 cup cranberry juice as a final rinse to enhance red hair or create subtle red highlights to dark hair.

Light Hair: Brew a cup of very strong chamomile tea. Let it cool to lukewarm. Spray or comb into dry hair. Leave on twenty minutes (if possible sit in the sun). Shampoo and rinse. This gives a color lift and subtle highlights to blonde and light brown hair.


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