Short Hair Styles
Short Hair Styles

Do you have long hair and always wished to try something new and different with it? Perhaps even cutting it short? If so, then what kind of things should you look for before chopping off years of growth? Lastly, what hairstyles fit your face and eyes best?

To determine what type of hairstyle fits you best you have to keep up on what’s new in hairstyles and what is not right? Wrong! Although in the past short styles use to follow clear definitions such as the chop vs. the bob or the shag, the lines have become completely blurred over the past year.

For 2004 we had a new set of rules.

There are now layered chops that have some lengths that would fall more into a bob category. With 2004, “anything goes.?Short hairstyles have the freedom to mix and match bangs, clips, shags, chops, panel strands and layers to create your own customized tresses.


If you are not sure on what type of short hairstyle you should have, don’t worry! Here are some things to consider:

  • Check out what’s hot with celebrities to see what they’re doing with their short hairstyles. Consider how their hair fits with their facial features and take pictures of them to take to your favorite hairstylist to discuss how this hair style can work for you.

  • If you are still undecided about picking the best short hairstyle, try keeping your current length, whether it’d be medium or long, but have bangs added to your look in the meantime. Try a new part or add or modify existing bangs. Both options can instantly give you a feeling of a new shorter style without the actual help of the scissors.

  • As you evaluate your short hair options, let a color change lead you in a new direction. Experiment with different shades and if you like it, change your length with your new hues.