More Hair Care Articles
More Hair Care Articles

Dealing with Dandruff
When using a dandruff shampoo, always read the instructions very carefully. It is very important to massage the scalp vigorously to help remove the dead skin cells. It is equally important to rinse the hair well so that your hair doesn't dry out from the use of the extra ingredients.

The Right Amount of Shampoo
If your hair won't behave after washing, it might simply be that you are using too much shampoo and stripping all the oil from the hair. For shoulder-length hair, pour a quarter-size amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. That will be plenty. For shorter hair, simply adjust the amount. Don't expect a mountain of lather. It really isn't necessary anyway. And imagine the savings on your shampoo bill.

My Hair is Falling Out
If you find that suddenly your hair is falling out in handfuls, it would be a good idea to mention the fact to the doctor. There are a lot of factors that could be causing the problem which include hormones, stress, anemia, poor diet, pregnancy, and genetic factors. This condition can also take place at menopause. Thyroid and Alopecia can also be reasons so be sure to have the condition looked at. We naturally lose about 100 hairs a day so if you
are losing more than this, it is something that should be looked into.

Foods to Avoid for Healthy Hair
To ensure that the hair that is forming beneath the surface of your scalp is healthy, there are a few foods that you should avoid and replace with fresh fruits and vegetables. They include too many sweets, chocolate, cakes, and cookies. Unfortunately, these favorites simply don't do a thing for your hair.

Every Woman Needs These 5 Hair Products!
1. Good cleaning shampoo that's designed for your hair type
2. Everyday light conditioner
3. Leave-in conditioner
4. Good styling aids i.e. waxes, gels
5. Hair shiner

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