Hair care and maintenance
Hair care and maintenance

Besides all the hair spraying and styling, your natural hair alone can determine how you look and perceive yourself. We all have our days where we just want to leave our hair down and simple. But when we do, it never stays the way we want it to. What can be the problem?

Well, one thing that people abuse is the maintenance of their hair. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the maintenance of healthy hair:

  • Hair is most fragile when wet, so when drying, avoid brushing through. Try finger combing or use wide-toothed combs and pull from the bottom.

  • When using mousse and styling gels, avoid ones that contain alcohol.

  • Eating a well-balanced diet contributes to healthy hair and skin.

  • When choosing the correct shampoo, use one that is pH balanced and designed specifically for your hair.

  • Switching shampoo brands can help avoid build-up.

  • Never use hot water when shampooing or rinsing your hair.

  • After swimming, wash your hair as soon as possible to clean out the chlorine residue.

  • When blow-drying, keep the temperature cool to keep your hair shiny, from drying out, and also easier to manage. (This might take longer, so set time aside.)

  • Avoid brushing your hair too much; it can lead to split ends.

  • Washing your hair every day can actually dry out your hair and make it brittle.