Hair Die
Hair Die

How far are you willing to go to achieve that dark brunette tone on your naturally blonde hair? Let’s say you’re already a brunette and you’re just dying to have dark red hair. What are the sacrifices that you are willing to make? Even if it means drying out your hair and nearly killing it? What factors should you consider before applying hair dye?

Since the beginning of time, humans have always been fascinated with changing the color of their hair. From Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, all the way up until today’s self-conscious, modern society, people have tons of reasons for coloring their hair. Hair coloring is the transformation agent to a new you. Mixing a simple solution and applying it to your hair can drop years of age, grey hair. Although, are we aware of some of the sacrifices that we have to make to achieve the color that we desire?

What we might already know are the basic facts about allergic reactions that are printed on most hair coloring boxes we find in stores. What exactly should we avoid, so we do not encounter this allergic reaction? This depends on what kind of hair dye to use. Despite most hair dyes are made with the same ingredients, there are still some hair dyes that are proven to be “safe.? One thing to check for on some labels is p-Phenylenediamine also known as phenylenediame dihydrochloride or benzenediamine dihydrochloride.

Most of the derivatives or this chemical may cause serious allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. If swallowed it may lead to even more serious problems that may cause endangerment to one's life. To top off everything, this allergic situation is resulting in hair damage. Hair dyes, whether you’re dying your whole head or simply applying highlights you’re going to eventually do some damage to the follicles.

With all these dangerous outcomes that hair dyes can result in, should I even think of considering dyeing my hair? Yes, you still can, but understand that in life, there are gives and takes. However, being knowledgeable of the risks and outcomes is always a good thing and can lead to preventive measures. Another option is to do “patch? tests. Patch tests are basically applying a small amount of dye to a small area of your skin. If any signs of irritability occur in that spot, most likely, you are allergic. Lastly, to ensure totally insure yourself, visit a physician, and ask questions about certain products and their ingredients. Find out whether or not your scalp can tolerate certain chemicals. Whether you choose to use hair dye or not, it never hurts to go that extra mile to find out if hair dye is safe for you.

Health should always come first before anything. You wouldn’t want your hair to fall off and die right?