Overcoming a Bad Hair Day
Overcoming a Bad Hair Day

An experience in the beauty salon should be a positive journey on the road to a new look for the patron. However, there are exceptions when the unsuspecting customer falls into the hands of a certified quack and ends up with a disaster. For instance, a hairdresser who claimed to be a professional in the realm of tint and color damaged my wavy brown hair by leaving the bleach in for three hours. My hair was reduced to pallid, lifeless strands, which fell out along with pieces of my scalp whenever I tried combing it.

My husband recommended a home remedy for my predicament, his source from American history circa the late 1800s. In those days, hair color, products, and treatment were extremely harsh. These folks used effective formulas for dealing with badly damaged hair made from ingredients that were purchased from a general store.

Today, you can find these common ingredients at a grocery or drug store in your city.

  1. 3 parts of baby oil.

  2. 2 parts almond oil.

  3. 1 part glycerin-based skin moisturizer. Make sure glycerin is the first ingredient for the best results. Pick the scent that pleases you.

  4. Mix ingredients together and pour contents into an empty bottle for safekeeping.

  5. Before use, thoroughly shake the bottle and apply the solution to the head, and massage gently into the hair.

  6. Put a shower/hair cap over your hair and then go to bed.

  7. In the morning remove the shower cap and cleanse hair with a mild shampoo and rinse.

  8. Apply home remedy every night before going to bed for best results.

Overtime this proven strategy gave me soft, manageable hair and my scalp stopped peeling too.