Teen Original Hair Styling
Teen Original Hair Styling

Now, this is something that I’m sure every teenage girl witnesses, at least once, throughout high school. Now you’re sitting in class and one of the coolest girls walks in with one of the most original hairstyles that you had ever seen. Although you might agree that it does look good on her, it still isn’t something that you’d imagine on your head.

But in the next couple of weeks or so, you start to notice that about 3 girls are sporting that hairstyle. Then about a couple of months or so later, after she had already moved on to a new look, you realize that half the girls in your class are rocking that look! You even catch yourself thinking that this hairstyle is actually pretty cute.

Next thing you know it, you start to think that what if, this hairstyle can work out for you. Finally, you decide to take that leap of faith and you start saving up and/or maybe even bugging your parents for a couple of bucks. Rush to the closest, hot salon and ask for that hairstyle.

$75.00 and 45 minutes later, the hairstylist hands you the mirror. Finally, the moment of truth is here. You almost faint when you look in the mirror and see this stranger with the Medusa hairdo and features similar to yours. Then having to realize that the stranger you see in the mirror is really you! But totally not you at the same time!

Ok now, don’t freak out. A bad haircut can always grow back out. Thank goodness for hats, scarves, and beanies, it’s not the end of the world. Looking good consistently has everything to do with discovering your own personal style. How do you find your style? Start by taking inventory of what looks great on you, what feels good to you, and what you really love.
You'll also need to know your face shape. Is your face long and narrow, a rectangle? Or is your face square, round or heart-shaped. The shape of your face will assist you in finding a hairstyle that will show off your best features.

When her style is all the rage, you'll know in an instant if it's right for you and what adjustments have to be made to turn her style into YOUR style.

You can also try on hairstyles. Stop in a wig shop. Take Polaroid's. It's really a blast. Compare your face shape with those of the models in hair magazines to get the best idea of what will work.
Your personal style is another way to celebrate who you are, being a girl who is both seen and heard. Have fun discovering more unique qualities about yourself. Never again do you have to wear her look. Just think, you might find her wearing yours!