Work it Girl!
Work it Girl!

If you wear an outfit or a shirt that feels great and 3-5 people say to you, "You look great in that outfit," or "Wow, that color looks great on you! BUY MORE OF THAT COLOR OR THAT SHAPE OUTFIT!"

It truly is as simple as that. Just absorb the good compliments and you can start to create YOUR own uniform that will work for you. You will start to know the shapes that work on your body or the color that brightens up your eyes and face. You can take that color and those shapes and they can be applied throughout your entire wardrobe - from T-shirts, bathing suits, etc. to formal and casual wear.

Many do not know this, but the shoe has magical powers. Did you know that the right shoe can elongate the leg? To fake a longer leg, continue the line down from the leg to the foot with a slightly narrow toe. It doesn't have to be a point, but a slimmer shoe creates the illusion of a longer leg. A thick toe on a shoe, says thick ankle, and a heavy thick heel moans FRANKENSTEIN foot.

Avoid the Frankenfoot at all costs, because a thick heel adds too much weight at the bottom. Although unintentional, a heavy thick shoe says a lot of the wrong things regarding shape.