Brazilian Bikini Wax
Brazilian Bikini Wax

The phenomenon of Brazilian bikini waxing is increasing by the minute. Its popularity has grown tremendously among many celebrities, as well as the rest of us average Joe’s. Speaking of Joe, after the initial shock of seeing the results of a Brazilian bikini wax, men have admitted to feeling more attracted to their significant other during sexual activities. “I didn't think I'd get into the bald eagle look until my girlfriend surprised me with it,?says new believer Chad from New York. "She made certain the lights were off and when I felt her it was like, oh my God, an unbelievably primal welling of emotion. First from the shock and then from the whole little girl eroticism of it. It's hard to describe. I guess it was like tasting forbidden fruit. Oral sex was definitely better because there was no hair to get in the way. Even regular old missionary position sex was better. Until she started growing stubble."

What Is It?
What’s involved in a Brazilian bikini wax procedure you ask? Well, you are usually asked to remove your clothes from the waist down. The fact is your underwear needs to be moved to do the job correctly. Some women aren't comfortable with this, but if you want a Brazilian wax you better be prepared to drop ‘em. The Brazilian Bikini Wax usually requires your active participation in positioning your body so the esthetician can remove your hair.
The esthetician applies warm wax to a small section of your skin. A smooth fabric strip is placed over the waxed area and rrrrrip. The hair is removed by a brisk tug. This procedure is continued until the shape you prefer is created or your pubic area is hair-free. Any remaining hairs are plucked with tweezers prior to applying an ointment to the newly waxed area to smooth any irritation.
Why Do Women Do This?

Some women have admitted to having a Brazilian bikini wax for the purpose of heightened sexual gratification with their significant other, while others attest that it just feels sexy walking around with it under a business suit, which attributes to their confidence throughout the day.

Does It Hurt?

This service is not as painful as one would expect. Using hard wax instead of soft wax reduces the discomfort by 70%.