A Liposuction Patient Story
A Liposuction Patient Story

People have surgery for all sorts of reasons. The main reason is that there is something about us that needs to be improved. Before we even decide to have surgery, we have tried to live with these issues.
We had a chance to receive a patient experience with liposuction. She’s a 42-year-old female and the CEO of her company; let’s take a look at what she had to say about her experience and how she found the right doctor, Dr. Melton.

“I tried everything to reduce the areas, but nothing worked. I run every day for 45 minutes, and I do strength training 3 times a week for an hour. And I had been doing that for over a year before I finally said nothing is working and I finally did liposuction.
I went to four or five different doctors before I came here. And all of them wanted to knock me out to do the surgery. And that scared me too much. It scared me too much to be totally knocked out for the surgery. Dr. Melton was the only doctor who said we would keep you awake. I think that during the procedure itself, that being able to talk to everyone that was in the room and listen to the music, was calming to me. I didn't find it to be horribly painful. And I felt like I maintained control.


All of you are wonderful. Dr. Melton answered all of my questions and spent time with me. The consultation was very informative. I think that you were all prepared to answer any question I had. But because I had done so much research ahead of time, I didn't have too many questions.

I had the liposuction right before I had a 2-week vacation. But by the very next day, I had no problems with it. The only part that was difficult was changing all the bandages. I didn't realize how many band-aids I would have! But even that was nothing really. I could easily have gone back to work in 2 days easily. Since I had liposuction, the biggest changes are my appearance, the way my clothes fit, and the way I feel about myself. I am a lot more self-confident since I had liposuction. I find myself wearing clothes that I haven't worn before. I actually wore a sleeveless dress to a wedding the other night! So it really has changed a lot for me.?/font>

Jeffery Melton M.D.

Oak Brook, IL