Popular cosmetic dental treatment
Popular cosmetic dental treatment

Implants - A treatment for people with missing or lost teeth, unlike a denture that can be taken off easily, it is a fixture that acts and feels like a natural tooth.  While denture can cause loss of jawbone as nature’s process, dental implant help stop the bone loss by mimicking the roots of natural teeth.


Bonding - A procedure for people with chipped or cracked teeth, treatment is to apply an enamel-like material to a tooth’s surface, sculpted into a shape, hardened, and polished to whitening the teeth.


Whitening - The most practiced cosmetic dental procedure, many options are available to consumers and price varies by these options.


Veneers - A procedure gaining popularity for people who have gaps between teeth or stained teeth.  Veneers are ultra-thin laminates that are wrapped directly to the teeth.