To Lipo or Not To Lipo
To Lipo or Not To Lipo

Like any major surgery, liposuction has many risks and complications associated with it that should be taken into consideration. Most complications occur due to too much or too little fat being removed too much anesthesia, or excessive trauma due to many surgeries or areas on which liposuction is performed at one time. Many complications are preventable if the patient is well educated on the procedure and takes the time to find a qualified, experienced surgeon. Some common complications include:

  • Blisters

  • Hematoma

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Indentations due to excessive liposuction

  • Permanent blotchy discoloration due to injured blood vessels

  • Skin depressions

  • Temporary lumpiness

In other cases severe and life-threatening complications can occur due to patient reaction, surgical error, or improperly sterilized instruments. Some of these include blood clots, damage to internal organs, hypothermia, severe blood loss, infection, heart failure, nerve or brain damage, and seizures.

Am I A Candidate?
A candidate for liposuction should be at least 18 and should understand and accept surgical risks. Patients are usually of normal or average body weight but have pockets or areas of fat that they wish to have removed.