Tooth Whitening Procedure
Tooth Whitening Procedure

Like any other treatment, there are many techniques to improve the brightness of the tooth. Then, they can also be categorized by where it is performed.  We will go over both options.


Treatment from doctor’s office

Laser bleaching - This is an in-office bleaching procedure using laser light with a whitening gel.  The treatment is to apply the bleaching gel to the tooth and use a laser light to activate the crystals for absorbing energy from the light and penetrate the teeth enamel to increase the lightening effect on the teeth.  The advantage of the treatment is it takes only one visit for a striking effect. 


Britesmile teeth whitening - This is another bleaching procedure that can be followed up at home.  The treatment also uses light with a whitening gel.  The difference is it uses a special light instead of laser light.  It also takes one office visit to be treated.


At-home teeth whitening

You wear a custom-fitted mouth tray containing a whitening gel for a couple of hours a day.  The treatment will last for one to two weeks to see a full effect and can run in conjunction with in-office bleaching.  This is a common technique because it is easy and economical.  At-home teeth whitening kits have become widely available across the country.