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Wedding Ring Trends 2009


A wedding ring can be sidelined by the glamour and glitz of an engagement ring, but although less flashy, it is nothing less than the symbol of lasting unity and commitment. Of course, that’s no reason you can’t get something a bit more interesting and personalized than the traditional yellow gold band. Attractive new options let you opt for traditional, funky, or anything in between. In the end, you should go with what you love. Just make sure you’ll still love it in twenty years. Trends may change, but this ring is forever.

White metals

White gold and platinum rings have gradually gained an edge over yellow gold rings. White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and a white metal (often nickel or palladium) that has been treated with rhodium to have a pure, silvery color. After many years of wear, it may be necessary to get a white gold ring re-treated. Hardness varies according to the particular alloy. For those with larger budgets, platinum is a heavier and more durable white metal than gold.

Titanium and Tungsten

Lightweight and extremely durable, titanium (the same material used in jet planes) is a hardy and attractive alternative to precious metals. A sleek titanium ring may just make your man feel better about wearing his one piece of jewelry. However, titanium isn’t just for men. It comes in a variety of polishes, from a rugged dark gray to a platinum-like mirror finish. Tungsten carbide rings are heavier and harder, but both titanium and tungsten rings are several times as hard as gold and will withstand pretty much anything you can do to them. Go ahead, wear them white water rafting!

Diamonds: not just a girl’s best friend

If one diamond just wasn’t enough, small diamond accents are showing up on more and more wedding rings – his as well as hers. Diamonds are set flush in the band (bevel-set, channel-set, or pave) so they won’t compete with your engagement ring but still offer subtle sparkle. Eternity rings have diamonds set into the band at even intervals all the way around to symbolize the endlessness of your love. If you need a little more glam, small colored diamonds are the perfect way to achieve it.


Ideal for couples looking for something a little more unusual and customized, mokume gane (Japanese for ‘wood grain metal’) is a technique of bonding layers of differently colored precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, etc. and cutting the metal to form rings with organic swirl and wave patterns running all the way through. The downside to mokume, which must be handmade and is labor and skill intensive, is its price – don’t expect to find a mokume ring for much less than $800.

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