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Wedding Plans without the wedding planner


Congratulations, you have finally decided to get married! Have you decided to hire a wedding planner? If no, not a problem! Whether you decide to hire one or not, here is a check list to go by when planning out that special day.
6-12 months prior:

  • Choose what kind of wedding you would like, date and the time

  • Discuss all the budgeting and who will pay for what

  • Consider hiring a wedding coordinator

  • Make arrangements with officiator

  • Reserve the wedding and reception location

  • Select your wedding dress and accessories

  • Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and honored roles

  • Have a black/white photo sitting for announcements

  • Meet with the florist, photographer, caterer, videographer, and D.J./entertainment to discuss all the budget and options.

  • Arrange the guest list with fianc?and families

  • Discuss honeymoon and reservations

  • Take time off of work

  • Buy a wedding planner and envelopes to store brochures and notes

  • Develop record-keeping system for invitations, gifts, and thank-you notes

4-6 Months:

  • Plan new living arrangements and home furnishings

  • Select and register wedding gifts and patterns

  • Select color scheme

  • Order Dress and accessories

  • Order bridesmaids dresses, shoes and accessories

  • Contact menís formal wear specialist for menís attire.

  • Order Invitations, announcements, programs, napkins, matchbooks, and personal stationary.

2 Months:

  • Choose and order wedding bands and engraving

  • Order wedding and groomís cakes

  • Check state/county marriage license requirements

  • Plan ceremony, reception, menus, master of ceremonies, music, and timetables.

  • Plan rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids?luncheon

  • Complete guest list and address invitations

  • Make arrangements for lodging for out-of-town guests

  • Purchase gifts for attendants and groom

  • Plan reception seating, if necessary

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