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When Choosing Your Wedding Ring


Choosing your wedding ring should be one of the most exciting parts of your engagement. However, shopping for it can get quite confusing. There are so many jewelry stores out there now that competition can get in the way of selecting the right wedding ring for you. Something that you can expect to receive is conflicting information, although, most of it intended to sell you rather than assist you. Donít let shopping for a wedding ring be such a burden. Here are some buying tactics for that right wedding ring.
Where to shop?
I know you might think that the best places to shop are at big name companies but thatís not always the case. If youíre looking for top, personalized service, the best places to go are locally owned jewelry stores. It is also a good idea to look for a store with an in-house jeweler, so any custom work or sizing can be done right there. A jeweler thatís rooted in the community has a vested interest in making you a satisfied customer because they typically advertise by "word-of-mouth".
The Diamond
Lots of people have a hard time when choosing a wedding ring because of many factors involved in the diamond quality and value. Basically, diamond grading is broken down into four Cís; carat, clarity, color, and cut. All of these add up to a fifth C; cost. Something to ask is how the four Cís apply to the ring that you are considering.

After deciding
Once youíve come to your conclusion, there are other things to think about before actually purchasing. How long will it take to have the ring sized? If the ring is being ordered from an outside manufacturer, how much time will be required for delivery and size adjustments? Allowance of sufficient time in advance of your wedding date is essential.

In conclusion, ask questions. Good sales people like to share their knowledge and experience. Donít make snap decisions; try visiting a good amount of stores before deciding. Lastly, buy the ring that YOU want, not what the salesman wants you to get.

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