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Wedding reception tips for brides on a budget


The reception is one of the most expensive aspects of the wedding. Although, combining personal creativity and ingenuity, brides on a budget can put together a reception that can create memories that can last a lifetime. The trick to that is to use inexpensive, ready-made items available at discount retailers.

Making a beautiful wedding environment on a budget is not as complicated as you think it may be. One thing to do is putting a personal touch on everything. From the table centerpieces to the wedding favors! Here are some tips that can help out:

If you plan to rent a reception tent, create a romantic environment by purchasing sheering fabric and 2-inch ribbon from a local discount retailer to drape around the canopy. Create billows of fabric and hang from the ceiling, wrap around poles, and swag in the entryway.

Whether throwing an indoor or outdoor reception, flowers help set the tone but can quickly add up. A typical flower budget is 15 percent of the overall cost of a wedding. Consider using some of the beautiful and realistic-looking silk flowers available today intermingled with arrangements of fresh flowers to keep the romance high and the costs low. The bride and groom can use the silk flowers in the home for years to come.

Renting both table settings and white linen tablecloths can get expensive. Instead, consider purchasing clear glass plates from a discount retailer. Stack the salad plate on top of the dinner plate and place a large leaf between the two for a very pretty place setting. Buying plates is often less expensive than renting and the bride and groom can keep them for the years (and dinner parties) ahead.

Handmade keepsakes given out during the wedding reception is an easy and thoughtful way to thank the wedding party. Create beautiful, unique cards for the bridesmaids by purchasing simple white note cards, decorated with the wedding’s theme colors embellished with different fabrics or small trinkets purchased from a craft department. Write a cherished memory or personal note inside the card, which bridesmaids can keep for the years to come.


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