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2009 Wedding Trends


Even weddings arenít getting through the recession unscathed. Gone are the lavish, over-the-top weddings in which budget just wasnít an issue. Weddings in 2009 are smaller, more intimate, and more creative, with lots of color and personality. If youíre a bride on a budget but still want your big day to be stylish and fun, take a look at some of the new bridal trends sweeping 2009.


Rustic and outdoor settings

Vineyards, beaches, farms, and backyards can all be perfect locations for a fun, casual wedding where you and your guests can relax in the great outdoors. Less expensive than traditional wedding reception halls, these unconventional sites also offer benefits like fresh fruit, good wine, clean air, and the excuse to kick off your shoes!


Vintage dresses

Raid grandmaís trunk or go digging in a vintage clothing store. Whether you end up with a flirty, full-skirted ball gown straight out of Grease or a demure Edwardian tea dress, youíll be timelessly in style Ė and firmly within budget. Remember, a wedding dress can be whatever color and shape you want it to be.


Green weddings

If youíre a bride with tree-hugging tendencies, thereís a growing sector of the wedding industry that can offer you a green alternative to a traditional wedding. Reuse, reduce, and recycle: pick a location that wonít require your guests to travel very far, go for local and organically grown food and flowers, pick out rings that donít involve dirty gold or blood diamonds, and send your leftover food to charity, not the garbage bin.


Colorful accents

Bright accent colors are in: a splash of tangerine, turquoise, or berry can brighten up your whole wedding. Gray is a popular color choice this year; itís a cool, sophisticated color that helps balance the brights without the harsh contrast of black. (You donít want to remind anyone of the 80s, unless youíre going for a retro wedding!) Bright, non-matching patterns can also jazz up your tables and vases.


US honeymoons

Instead of going abroad, more couples are choosing to stick closer to home, where many of the inconveniences and expenses of traveling abroad can be avoided. Fortunately, the US doesnít lack for beautiful scenery or romantic spots. Rent a beach house, stay at a vineyard guesthouse, or go for an extended hike in a national park. Your options within the US are limitless.


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