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Planning a Winter Wedding


The secret is out! Getting married in the winter is a great choice. Not only because off-peak weddings cost up to 50% less than their summer equivalents, but also because they can be truly personalized, memorable events. So if youíre planning a wedding, donít automatically exclude the winter months. Here are some tips to help you plan your winter nuptials.


Peak wedding season goes from May to about October, so January is often the least expensive time to hold a wedding, especially if you live in harsher weather. (You may want to avoid December. It may be harder to book the romantic historical inn or intimate club of your choice due to holiday parties, and your friends and family may have existing holiday plans.) In the winter, competition and cost go down, and your choices go up.


Wintry weather will affect you differently if you live in, say, Boston as opposed to Los Angeles. If you do live somewhere cold and plan to spend any amount of time outdoors, choose a dress that can be paired with a warm shawl, throw, or coat and close-toed shoes. Even if you only have a short hop from taxi to altar, be sure to have something warm yet flattering to wrap up in. Be kind to your bridesmaids and pick something equally comfortable for them. Classic winter color combos include navy or ice blue and silver, rich burgundy and gold, and pure white. And finally, donít count on a blanket of freshly fallen snow for your wedding day. You might have to make do with sleet!


Good news as far as your budget is concerned. In the winter, many venues will already have been decorated, so thereís no reason to go overboard on much more than table centerpieces. Winter flowers such as white and red poinsettias and holly are affordable and classy. Other flowers in season include roses, lilies, tulips, and orchids. If youíd rather not do the winter/holiday theme, youíre also free to make your wedding a tropical oasis in the middle of winter.


Winter weddings are ideally suited to hearty, filling fare like ham, roast beef, potatoes, and other comfort food. It doesnít have to be all meat and potatoes, though, if youíre willing to venture into more sophisticated dishes made with butternut squash and other seasonal produce. Beverages could include spiced cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate, and eggnog.


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