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Traditional or Not?


Ok, now we should all remember that there actually use to be a guideline to the payment plans of a wedding. Does anyone go by these guidelines anymore though? NOT ANYMORE! You might ask, ďWhy is that??One reason could be because weddings now days have grown to be less traditional. Maybe, some of us never even really knew that there was a guideline that existed. Letís take a look at these guidelines and take a look at why maybe these guidelines donít come into play anymore. Listed below is what each side would usually pay for:

Brideís side of the family:
Church (Organist, sexton, synagogue, and arrangements)
Clothing and Accessories (Brideís dress, veil, lingerie, bouquets and corsages)
Essentials (Transportation of the bridal party, reception, food, drinks, decorations, photographer, videographer, and announcements.

Groomís side of the family:
Marriage license
Groomís outfit, Brideís bouquet and going-away corsage, boutonnieres for men, and corsages for mothers and grandmothers.
Dinner rehearsal and Bachelorís Dinner
Both of the brideís rings

Now that is a lot to cover! One last reason why couples donít follow these guidelines anymore is that couples now days think itís unfair for one side of the family to pay for most of the event.

Itís totally understandable why these traditional guidelines arenít followed anymore but does that make your wedding less traditional? Of course not!


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