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Threading 101

If you hate waxing facial hair or find that chemical depilatories are too harsh, threading can be a good option for getting rid of unwanted hair. Here’s the scoop on this up-and-coming hair removal method.

What is threading?

Threading is actually an ancient method of removing facial hair that uses twisted cotton thread to quickly pull hair from the follicle. Although its exact origins are disputed, threading been practiced for centuries in India, Turkey, and China and is currently enjoying new popularity in the west as an alternative to waxing and tweezing.

Advantages of threading

In the hands of an experienced practitioner, threading is faster than tweezing and can get rid of hair along straight lines, making it ideal for shaping brows. Unlike waxing and hair removing creams, threading is ideal for the delicate eye area and for people with sensitive skin. It is also suitable for people using skin medications such as Retin-A and Accutane. The effects last for 2-3 weeks, and threading regularly produces finer, slower hair growth. It is generally less expensive than waxing.

Disadvantages of threading

Threading works well only on relatively flat, small surfaces, making it impractical for areas other than the face. The jury is still out on whether threading is more or less painful than other hair removal options. Some people report feeling only a mild sting or pinching sensation where others report substantial pain. The level of pain may well depend on the practitioner. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find an experienced threader outside major cities at this point.

See a tutorial

It can take several months to learn how to thread proficiently, but if you’re interested in trying, watch this video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK6Y12IpCpM&feature=related


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