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Hair Color Happiness

Sometimes boredom outwits common sense when looking to make a change in ones appearance. The urge to do something radical. Something today. Something . . . to my hair. Many have been caught in this whirlpool of idealistic thinking – “all my problems may fade into background noise with magic new hair.” At such a crossroad of fashion decision, our own exuberance or an enthusiastic friend with a box of hair color and bleach trumped a planned trip to the salon. Sadly, the results looked pretty home-spun. You started out wanting to lift your spirits, but ended up with a look prompting a shopping spree for hats.

I wish every good thing in life was free, but the best results in hair color require a qualified, experienced colorist at a professional salon. Salon visits aren’t cheap and with many pretty faces on tight budgets, what’s a girl to do if she wants her hair as stylish as the stars?


Adding highlights and lowlights means touching up your hair every three to four months instead of a monthly visit to the solon required for a total color change and double processing.

Temporary Color

Temporary color can give a rush of excitement without the commitment. Many colors wash out in one to three weeks.

Skip It

Natural colors like dirty blonde are in style for summer 2008. Plan a few trips to the beach this summer and see what the sun does.

Go for it

If you have always wanted to try a radically different color, make some adjustments to your budget and schedule a consultation with a colorist.


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