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Celebrity Article

Kristen Nugent

Makeup Artist 
Orlando, FL 
Phone: (407)493-5429

I have been fortunate to work with Matt Damon, Tiger Woods, Wendie Malick, Amy Grant, Hootie and the Blowfish, Charles Barkley and several other celebrities... A few other companies I have worked with are: EA Sports- Tiger Woods Golf- 2004 & 2005, IBM, Wells Fargo, AT&T, Buick...
with Celebrity Professional Kristen Nugent.

"Special FX with Kristen Nugent"

We’ve covered it all, from your basic make up artistry to body painting. There’s still one more area in make up that we might have already mentioned, but we still haven’t touched. And that is; special effects. Now we all know how movies do a great job on making someone look like they’ve been through hell, but in reality, they’re perfectly fine. How do they make all those cuts and bruises look so real? What do they use?


Everyone, meet Kristen Nugent, a famous special effects make up artists, who not only specializes in making you look like you fell off a building, but also in making you look like a star! Let's see what she has to say about this interesting aspect of make up. 


Being in the bigger part of the make up industry


* What drove you into the direction of being apart of the makeup field?

 I was fascinated by the special f/X; loved transforming people whether it was in gore f/x or beauty makeup; loved everything about it and the products!


* What do you enjoy most about your job, and what do you enjoy least about it?

Satisfaction of making people look good and making them happy.


* Do you ever run into any situations where you don't know what to do? If yes, what do you find yourself doing instead?

Not yet?and if you don’t know, you find out. Research helps out a lot in that area.


* Do you have a certain style you use? Or do you come up with ideas while you do the work?

Ideas come as you work. If it is for f/x, there is usually a specific way I like to start off and then as things come together and you begin to play or visualize how you would like to see it. Beauty makeup for me, ideas come as you go or you can visualize this as well if there is a specific look they want.


When working with celebrities


* How many hours (average) do you spend putting on makeup for celebrities?

Depends on job…it could be a one time thing or many days. Also, depending on if it is beauty or special f/X. I have done mostly male, glamour or beauty makeup on the celebrities I have done.


* Are you ever intimidated working with known celebrities?

Nervous is more like it but sometimes you surprise yourself and there are no jitters…again, it all depends on what you are going to do to them because there is high expectations.


* What product is most commonly used? Or is there a product requested by celebrities to be used on them?

MAC, Kiehl’s, Clinique, Channel mascara in black-black, Mario Badescu, Evian brumisater


* Has any celebrities ever complained about the way their makeup is done? And is it fix the makeup after it’s done?

 Has not happened.


* What celebrity did you enjoy working with most, and why?

Charles Barkley was a favorite; Matt Damon was very nice and down to earth.


* What keeps celebrities skins looking so nice?

Skin care, facials, lots of water, sunless tanning, exercise?/span>


* What is the difference with putting on makeup for woman verses men's?

Neutralizing the beard and making the men look as if they didn’t have makeup on. Men’s makeup is usually a few shades darker that what they are, cheek color on the balls of their cheeks only in a rusty color. It all depends on brand and foundation. Women you match exactly and match it the neck.


Types of makeup you do


* When working on movie sets, and putting on a different type of make up (blood, scars, cuts) what type of product do you use to create that look?

Burman Industries has a lot of great makeup and supplies for whatever you need. Kryolan makeup and supplies are excellent too. Scars can be made out of wax, tuplast, silicone, transfers and prosthetics?Blood; there are many and many colors depending on where you are bleeding from. They have colors for veinious, surface cuts, and arterial blood. The color of blood would then be lighter or much darker. You can also make your own pretty easily. They also have scab! There are many supply shops out there and many brands.


* Does that type of makeup stay on better than regular makeup would?

Oh by far.. it is specially made for this type of makeup and abuse. A lot of products you can not use regular makeup.


* What has been the most extreme type of makeup you've done? With who and what did you do?

Monster full suited creature with 5 others at Joe Blasco, on my own, injury f/x with 3rd degree burns and fractures with a lot of goriness.


Being a make-up artist


* Can anyone do makeup- does it take many years of practice?

Naturally inclined first of all, practice makes perfect…also schooling and expanding your knowledge to other degrees of makeup maybe you have not done before and learning new techniques.


* What is the most important aspect of working with makeup?

Cleanliness, sanitation, clean kit, professional appearance, proper set up; industry quality makeup and a good attitude.


* Are there any tricks to doing makeup that you can recommend?

Learn about Kelvin lighting, 2300 degrees to 6500 degree Kelvin. Set lighting is measured in different temperatures called Kelvin. How ever many foot candles there are is how many degrees Kelvin the lighting is. All TV, film, commercial and video etc?is done this way. Kelvin is a scattered light and can make or break your makeup job. Sound confusing? Richard Korson’s theatrical book can explain it all. There are also Kelvin temperature bulbs that a makeup artist can buy. It is in fluorescent tubing but is NOT fluorescent lighting even though they look alike. It radiates no heat and can really help at 4am in the morning when you need to see what your makeup job will look like at 11am daylight or whatever your case might be. It an also help you in other situations other than on a set. Learn this and you will have an upper hand.


* Do you still see yourself being apart of the makeup industry 5-10 years down the line?

I do indeed.