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Celebrity Article

Paula Abraham

Makeup Artist-Hair Stylist 
Orlando, FL 
Phone: (407)247-3394

Worked with celebreties such as Warren Sap, No Doubt, Creed and Stevie Wonder. She has done TV commercials and films. Puala has worked with special events and corperations like Plante Hollywood, Anheiser Bush, The Golf Channel, and Sprint.
with Celebrity Professional Paula Abraham.

"...it is something that happens after years of hard work and proving yourself."

The opportunity with working with celebrities doesn't come that often. You have to be really good at what you do. And being a make-up artist is not as easy as you think it is either. Anyone can apply make-up on a casual basis but to apply make-up and be paid for applying make-up is something else. A simple foundation and any cheap bright colored lipstick don't cut it for celebrities.

What sparked your interest in make-up?
I like the variety. Working with different faces every day.

What are the most difficult parts of your job?
The early morning calls, traveling and having my schedule change at any minute.

How did you get involved with working with celebrities and not just at any beauty salon?
Working with celebrities is not something you set out to do it is something that happens after years of hard work and proving yourself. Once you get one celebrity others tend to follow.

A Day in a Life...

Being a Celebrity make-up artist isn't just a stroll through the park. You're dealing with big names here; they are people with big reputations. People who are always use to looking their best. And these aren't just ordinary every day 9-5'ers. These are celebrities and models that we see in the magazines you read, the actors and actresses that we watch on a daily basis on TV, and the big names that we see on the Big Screen. Who keeps these people picture perfect? The make-up artist does.

So who have you worked with? Are there any celebrities that you constantly work with? If so, who?
I have worked with No Doubt, Stevie Wonder, Derek Jeter , Peter Jacobson. The celebrities I work with consistently are usually Golfers. I do a lot of work with The Golf Channel.

What are the most recent projects that you have worked on?
The cover for Sporting News with NFL Player Warren Sapp , The cover of The Boston Globe Magazine and The Orielly Factor

Can you give us some detail about what goes on behind the scenes?
Behind the scenes are pretty hectic. Very fast paced and you have to be ready to roll when the talent shows up.

How is it like to work with celebrities?
Most are pretty great to work with but there are a lot of egos to deal with.

Are they involved in what you do or do they just leave the make-up totally up to you?
Oh I have had some tell me exactly what they want and I have had some just leave it to me to create the look.

What's up with Celebrity skin?

Now we all want to know...WHAT ARE CELEBRITIES USING when they don't have A MAKE UP ARTIST AROUND?
Some of the problems celebrities face are some of the common problems everyday people face. The answers aren't always as extravagant as you probably were already expecting.

What are the most common beauty problems that celebrities complain about?
Dark circles under the eyes and tired looking skin.

What popular products are celebrities going by these days?
Airbrush foundation, Kiehls products and Creme de la Mer.

The Big Screen...

Besides working with models and actors for magazine prints, you have the big screen. Actors and Actresses that wouldn't have looked the way they did on the big screen if it wasn't for the make-up artist. Putting a mask on may be the case in White Chicks, but not in the movie Anchorman: the legend of Ron Burgundy.

Have you worked on movie sets? If yes, what movie?
Yes I have done some movies work but I rather do print work. The movie I worked on was called Animal.

Lastly, what are your up coming plans and projects?
I would like to do more magazine work and relocate to NYC.

Are you planning on working with celebrities in the long run?
I would very much like to