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Chocolate Spa Treatments

Chocolate isnít the most unusual substance people have ever bathed in (case in point: a 17th century Hungarian countess was rumored to prefer the blood of young serving women), but it might well be the most decadent. Itís also quite beneficial for your skin, as the presence of cocoa butter in many skincare products attests. Full fledged cocoa and chocolate spa treatments have taken off in the past few years, which means that these guilt-free and swooningly fragrant chocolate treatments can now be found in a spa near you.

Ready to give it a go? Here are some commonly asked questions Ė and answers Ė about chocolate spa treatments.

  1. What benefits does chocolate have for my skin? Chocolate is the processed end product of cacao beans, which are higher in antioxidants than green tea or red wine. Antioxidants destroy free radicals that contribute to aging. Cacao beans also contain cocoa butter, a potent moisturizer and skin softener.

  2. Why else should I pay the extra money for a chocolate spa treatment? High quality chocolate and raw cacao are great sources of magnesium, an essential mineral many people are deficient in. And of course, the scent of chocolate alone is often enough to trigger feel-good endorphins.

  3. What kind of chocolate treatment should I look for? Chocolate is used in many different treatments, from massages to waxing. Whichever treatment you choose, however, be sure to ask about what goes into it. Good quality cocoa butter and cocoa powder (or, better yet, raw cacao powder) are a must. As a general rule, choose raw over processed and dark over milk: Cacao that is purer and less refined contains more nutrients.

  4. Can I eat the chocolate used in my treatments? You probably wonít want to. Most chocolate treatments are actually cacao or cocoa treatments and have not been sweetened or flavored to be delicious. Without the ameliorating effects of sugar, cacao is quite bitter. But donít despair! Many spas that offer chocolate treatments will also offer you real chocolates to be eaten along with your treatment, so you wonít be tempted to lick off your masque.

  5. Can I make my own chocolate body products? Certainly Ė but donít start by smearing a Hershey bar over your face. Many chocolate facials are simple concoctions of cocoa or cacao powder, honey, powdered oatmeal, and plain yogurt or cream and can be easily made at home.


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