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Blemish Prone Skin Regime


How can you tell if your skin is “blemish prone" anyways? It’s actually not that difficult to determine if your skin is blemish prone rather than just oily or dry. When we talk about blemish prone skin, it is the overloading of oil, clogged pores and break outs that even with careful cleansing won’t keep it clear.

Here are ways for treating blemish prone skin:

Cleanse: Wash with gel or liquid cleanser or any oil-preventing cleansing bar no more than three times a day. Stripping the skin won’t help it. Hardened oil trapped in pores, not surface grease cause breakouts. If the skin is extremely oily, try using a medicated soup or cleanser formulated with triclosan, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Tone: You can follow gel, liquid or bar cleanser with astringent and/or use toner to clean up during the day. However keep in mind that toners plus drying cleansers or acne medications may add up to excessive dryness.

Moisturize: Dot and blend a light, oil-free lotion on the driest areas only. Stuck on an over drying/moisturizing cycle? Choose a milder cleanser, like a facial bar instead of medicated cleansers. Try a less drying medication such as a cream-based instead of gel.

Regulate: Acne medications these days, not only help clear up current breakouts, but if used twice a day, everyday, unclog pores to help prevent future blemishes. Benzoyl peroxide dries skin, so start with a 5% concentration, and then go to 10% if the skin needs and tolerates it. Salicylic acid dries the skin less that benzoyl peroxide so it can be used with more-drying cleansers. Grains can irritate blemishes so avoid them if skin’s broken out. Clay masks sop up oil and remove surface cells but they’re no substitute for regular medication.

Extra advice: At-home treatment not working out? See a dermatologist. A few appointments to set up a regime plus check-ins every three to six months may help you achieve your goal.


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