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Bar & Bat Mitzvah 101


Let’s take birthdays and passage to adulthood into a different perspective. In the Jewish faith there are celebrations called, Bar Mitzvah or if you’re a girl a, Bat Mitzvah. The Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs are a “rite of passage,?a crossover from childhood into adulthood. Judaism deems a boy a bar mitzvah when he turns 13 and a girl becomes bat mitzvah when she turns 12. At that point of the child, who is no longer a child in the eyes of Jewish law becomes responsible for his on deeds, spiritually, ethically, and morally.

Although there is no ritual that must be preformed to be considered a Jewish adult in the eyes of the Jewish law, then you might ask, “Why all the celebration??Well, in the Jewish law, parents are accountable for their child’s misdeeds. Since their child is now “coming of age,?they are no longer liable if their darling causes damage steal or lie, this cause for celebration. It is also a reason to be joyful for the bar mitzvah boy and the bat mitzvah girl, who are now at the age when personal responsibility dawns. This new accountability is case for celebration for both, the parents who are no longer “blamed?for their child’s misconduct and for the child can now be proud of the new responsibility.

For many Jewish children, when preparing for a bar/bat mitzvah ceremony, it’s a highlight of their growing awareness or Judaism. It is also a moment when they are the center of attention. To be the focus of all the fussing provides a sense of importance. If it is down right, the experience will be positive and will build a warm, happy, lasting bond with Jewish life.


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