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Shopping Your Own Closet



Cutting back on shopping during an economic recession is a given for most of us. But a tighter budget doesn’t mean you have to give up looking good or following trends. It’s simply time to come up with some new strategies for shopping smarter. Your surprise ally in this endeavor is your very own closet.


Stage 1: Organize

To get the most out of your closet, you need to clean it. Don’t worry – organizing your closet is a lot more fun than it sounds. You’ll need a solid chunk of time – at least an hour or two – and two large bins to sort your things. Now, try on everything and perform a thorough mirror check. Take out anything that:

  • Doesn’t fit, will probably never fit again, and isn’t worth altering

  • Is noticeably outdated

  • Doesn’t look good on your body

  • Hasn’t been worn in two years

  • Shows damage or wear

This is your donation bin. Next, put everything that you want to alter, hem, or fix into another bin and give yourself a fixed date to make the necessary changes. If you don’t get them done by your deadline, these clothes also need to go.

Neatly hang everything else – which should just be clothing that fits and flatters – back into your closet. Don’t separate them by ‘everyday’ and ‘work.’ Mix them up!


Stage 2: Rediscovering & Recombining

In the cleaning process, you probably unearthed some gems you’d forgotten about. Maybe a trim pencil skirt that just happens to be in again this season, or a great little cocktail dress that still makes you look terrific. With less stuff in your closet, these items will be more visible and accessible.

You’re also in a better position to think about mixing and matching your wardrobe in new ways. You can pair a casual boyfriend cardigan with designer jeans, or a simple ballet-neck top with a textured skirt. Mixing formal and casual can yield some great new outfits you never thought about before.


Stage 3: Getting Outside the Closet

Sometimes shopping your closet just won’t be enough. But after having cleaned it out and thoroughly explored its possibilities, you’re in much better shape to go out and pick up the few items – a chunky belt or a bright mini – you do need to get this season’s look.


And there you have it: a clean closet, a happy wallet, and a wardrobe full of clothes that look great on you.


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