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Shopping for Warmer Weather Clothes


The stores are now ready for our warm weather shopping. How many of us are planning on picking up an item or two for ourselves, or our families?

The stores will be tempting us with all the latest fashion colors. Before you impulsively reach for that pair of pink shorts and matching top, REMEMBER YOUR BASICS!

Don't wear a top and bottom in the same color. It's boring! It's much more interesting to wear contrasting colors. This makes using basics as the foundation of your wardrobe easy!

Remember to buy all the garments for the lower part of your body in neutrals like white or beige. Then you can wear whatever color you like on top. Darker colors like navy blue can also be basics in summertime in some geographic areas. Jeans are also a basic now. Check the thrift stores for jeans that can be cutoff and worn as shorts.

Dressing is easy when you own garments that mix and match. You need fewer of them, and yet you feel like you own more clothes. You wear a pair of pink shorts one time, and everyone will remember them. You can wear a pair of khaki shorts over and over without drawing attention to them.

T-shirts and blouses tend to wear out quicker through soil and wear. Pants are usually made of stronger fibers more closely woven together, and last longer. Spend as little as you can for the tops, and a bit more for the bottoms.

Certain colors just don't look good on every clothing item. Take the color purple. Not long ago purple was the color everyone wanted to wear. Envision a woman dressed in purple pants and a white shirt. Now, change it around. Put her in a purple shirt and white pants. Which looks better? This is a much more sophisticated look and a much better use of color.

Look through catalogs to see the colors the models are wearing. Some people's sense of clothing style is so undeveloped that they think that when they wear a blue blouse, they must wear blue pants. It doesn't cost anything to leaf through catalogs. Learn your taste, your style, and what looks good on you. You may not be able to afford any clothes right now, but when you do have the money, you will be more aware and not repeat bad shopping habits.

When you buy for your children, and want to pass down clothes, remember to buy them in primary colors and with a unisex design.

Resist impulse buying this spring. It is easy to do when the weather is warm and everyone is happy! Clothing is a major investment. If you are lucky, you will find the items in a non- retail store. Choose wisely!


by Nikki Willhite - willhite@aol.com



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