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Cheapskate Clothing Expenses


I'm sure that if you are here that you already shop the clearance racks. Do you know where every clearance rack in town is? You should! You should also get to know the salespeople that work in these stores and pump them for info on when certain items may go on clearance. Also, try to get a grip on when certain items go on sale during the year. T-shirts at my local Target are always on clearance in August and September. I get them for $2-$5 depending on if there is a design or screen printing on it. I stock up at this time for school shirts and next summer's items.

I sell all my good used clothing to consignment shops. This is a great way to make money as well as save money. These shops often sell quality clothing at a fraction of the price that they cost new. If you are used to shopping for designer suits or posh department stores, you will find great savings in a good, well-established consignment shop. You could sell your clothing and use the proceeds to purchase new clothing. You might even be able to work a deal with the shop's owner or sales person to set aside certain brand names or clothing sizes that come in before they go to the floor.

My son has an allergic reaction to the metal on the buttons on jeans so he wears sweatpants mostly. The knees do not last well on these particular items of clothing. I got extremely tired of replacing the pants every time I turned around, so I started sewing patches to the insides of the knees just as some people do (or should do) to jeans. You can buy iron on patches at a sewing shop for like a quarter a piece. And, guess what? They work! They really, really work! I also buy large appliques of sport oriented items like footballs and basketballs to iron over the frequent stains and holes my son often unknowingly accumulates in his clothing. I hunt the clearance bins for these. I get heart and balloon ones for my daughter, who is sometimes rougher on her clothing than my older son.

Invest in a pill remover. Not catching my meaning? You know those little balls of fabric that pile up on your sweaters or fleece clothing items? Well, the sewing center in your town probably has a little gadget that specifically is designed to remove those little things and make your most expensive garments last longer. Check it out.

Buy socks and underwear at the beginning of the school year for the whole family. They are always on sale at this time and you can get bargains galore and stock up. Especially great for those kids that never seem to have a matching pair of socks. I have just learned that I should do this this year because my daughter has gone through 28 pairs of socks but has no idea where the matches are. Another note: Buy the same kind all the time. That way matches aren't as big of a problem. They'll all match!

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! One navy suit jacket can have several different looks with a simple scarf, pearls, and pins. Choose classic designs and colors that you can switch between different outfits for different uses and activities.

Mix and Match your wardrobe. Buy pieces in classic colors or in similar color schemes. That way, you can mix and match the pieces depending on the occasion. My color scheme is mostly black, red, and navy. I use white as my neutral color. I have a jacket in each color. Dress shirts and tee shirts in those colors. Slacks and jeans in those colors. Shoes in those colors. I can mix and match almost any piece in my wardrobe. I dress some outfits up with scarves, decorative pins, and jewelry. Not very exciting but very frugal. I spend only $200 a year and I have a professional office setting job. (Plus, I buy nothing that can't be machine washed so no dry cleaning bills!)

Source from: http://frugalliving.about.com/


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