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24 hour zip zapper


Even if you were among the lucky few who missed the curse of acne as a teenager, you can still experience breakouts well into your 40's and beyond. Acne can be damaging to your self-image. But acne is not something you have to live with.
Would you like to know about an inexpensive, 6-week Acne Cure plan you can follow
without ever seeing a dermatologist? Well then read on sister. It will yield dramatic results in as little as 24 hours.

Your 4-Step Plan
The Acne Cure plan is unique because each of the steps in the plan is designed to attack acne at every stage of its development. Here are the four steps.

Step One: Clean Away Excess Dead Skin Cells
The best way to do this is with over-the-counter salicylic acid in a 2 percent concentration.

Step Two: Remove the Clogs
To loosen and remove the plugs of oil and skin cells that are clogging your pores, you need glycolic acid. Some popular brands include Gly Derm, Cellex-C, Total Skin Care, and Physician's Elite. Make sure the product you choose contains between 8 and 10 percent concentration and doesn't contain any other active ingredients.

Step Three: Stop the Acne Dead in Its Tracks
A particularly hardy bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, hides deep within your infected pores. The single most effective way to destroy this kind of bacteria is with benzoyl peroxide. Many of your pores may still be so clogged with the swelling caused by inflammation and the benzoyl peroxide can't reach the bacteria hiding deep inside your skin.
In this case, you have to open up the pores by making the skin cold. Cold will also reduce any inflammation and swelling.

Step Four: Protect and Maintain Great Skin

Step four will keep your skin healthy, soft, and resistant to new acne attacks.

  • Apply an oil-free moisturizer after washing your face.

  • Use a gentle, soap-free liquid cleanser

  • At bedtime, use a cream that contains the antioxidants vitamin C ester, tocotrienol, and alpha lipoic acid.

  • Try Retin-A occasionally if your doctor agrees to write you the necessary prescription.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser at night, and gently massage a small amount of Retin-A on your forehead, cheeks, and chin.

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