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Summer Time Skin Care Tips


Its summer time and you know what that meansÖMore time in the sun! More time outdoors is more like it. But what does that mean to your skin? More chances of skin problems! There are more problems out there during the summer time other than getting sunburn. Thatís not going to stop of from staying outside now is it? Of course not! Here are some summer time skin care tips to keep in mind while enjoying that time under the sun?/font>

Sudden summer time break outs

Summer time often comes with these sudden break outs, mainly because of the heat and activeness during these summer months. Donít let these problems keep you indoors though. One thing you can do is apply a sheer layer of foundation and use an oil-free camouflage that matches the skinís natural undertones to cover the blemish. Use a clean brush to apply the camouflage to the surface and just around the blemish and set with translucent powder.


Donít let sunburns keep you sunless this summer. When it comes to sunburns you should ALWAYS protect your skin. Protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun but wearing lots of sunscreen that offers both UVA/UVB protection and reapply several times; avoid products with acid exfoliants, which cause the skin to be much more sensitive.

Poison Ivy and Heat Rash

Since it is that time of year to be outdoors, it may mean for a lot of us to be hiking or spending some time in the great outdoors. Poison Ivy and heat rash are additional hazards during the summer. One of the most important rules are to keep all of your tools and products disinfected When experiencing a heat rash try to use less products so that the skin can heal first. Pull attention away from the area by drawing attention to the uninfected areas.

Dry Skin from Traveling

Traveling in the hot heat often lead to dryer skin, one thing to help prevent this is using a humidifier in your home to help you skin regain itís moisture. Moisture masks and night moisturizers are great because they take advantage of the optimal night renewal time. Striping the skin of oils is never a good thing because it often causes the skin to retaliate by producing more oil which leads to breakouts. So use products with essential hydrating oils.


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