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Hair Inhibitors: Tips and Advice


A hair inhibitor is a clear odorless topical solution made from a mixture of plant enzymes. It is completely natural and gentle on the skin. Vaniqa is a prescription topical cream that has been clinically shown to work. However, as with many hair removal methods, the effectiveness of each treatment depends on the individual.

How it works:
Enzymes and other ingredients in hair inhibitors interrupt the body's normal process of producing new hair cells. They change the structure of the hair follicle so that hair becomes gradually finer and softer until it disappears.

Hair inhibitors can be used in these areas:

  • Abdomen

  • Arms

  • Back

  • Bikini line

  • Chest

  • Face

  • Forearms

  • Legs

  • Shoulder

  • Underarms

  • Upper lip

How do you use a hair inhibitor?

Hair inhibitors, like Vaniqa, are often used in conjunction with other hair removal methods. Shaving or waxing is commonly done before applying a spray-on or lotion hair inhibitor. For exact treatment details, refer to the information provided with your specific product. Not all hair inhibitors work the same way.

Source from: www.hair-removal-advice.com


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