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Photography tip: Capturing people


Besides studio photography, we never really think about ways to capture pictures of our loved ones and friends. All we know is that if they are in the view finder, then we click. With studio photography, we have professional photographer to poses you. Unlike studio photography, we take pictures to capture certain moments. How do we capture these moments? Point and shoot. Is there something wrong with just pointing the camera and just shoot? Of course, there is no right way to take pictures, although, there are tips that you can take into consideration about taking great pictures and capturing those great photo opportunities.

Be creative!
Try not so hard on posing your subject. The main point about taking pictures of people is capturing them in their most relaxed state. One way of doing so is having them in a preferred area. Try using props, like sports equipment, random objects, or even other people to make the picture more interesting.

Take candid shots
Let’s just forget about the whole idea of your subject looking directly at the camera! This will just contribute more towards posing them. When trying to take candid pictures, try capturing your subject while they’re working, having a conversation with someone, or while they’re playing. This will help the relax factor a lot more.

Up close and personal
Try filling the view finder with your subject to capture moments of greater impact. Getting up closer will emphasize more on what’s important and exclude the rest.

Avoid heavy shadows
Avoid facial shadows when taking pictures of your subject. Try using the soft light of a cloudy day or take pictures in shady areas. If you’re trying to take pictures on sunny days, try filling in those shadows by changing your flash settings. If you have a camera with several flash settings, try using "fill-flash".

Use natural lighting
You would probably think that sunny days are the best days to take pictures because of the light right? No
way! Cloudy and overcast days are usually the best times to take pictures of people. Sunny days can cause your subject to squint and even cause heavy facial shadows. If you are shooting indoors, try turning off your flash and allow the sunlight do all the lighting. This can cause your subject to almost glow and have a soft looking effect.

Don’t forget about yourself!
You’ve taken all the pictures and forgot about one last thing…yourself! Try using the self-timer on your camera and try including you in some of the pictures. Set your camera on a tripod or on a flat surface and check to make sure where the camera is pointing towards.


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