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Photojournalism Style Wedding Photography

Alisha Todd of Alisha and Brook Photography told us that wedding photojournalism illustrates heartfelt emotions and quietly documents with little or no intrusion. Often times, you are not actively aware of the camera. A photojournalist needs finely tuned skills of anticipation and observation: sensing, feeling, and seizing those candid moments. The best photojournalists try to work quietly and discreetly. People act more like themselves when they are unaware that they are being photographed. A photojournalist captures the family groups as well because they are an important part of recording the wedding day. However, this will only be a small percentage of the day. But any great photographer will have the knowledge of their craft in lighting, composition and content.


Budgets And Photographs, Do They Always Clash?
It can't hurt to ask your prospective photographer if they can customize a wedding photograph package to fit your budget. Most likely, on a Saturday during wedding season (Spring through Fall), the answer is probably no. Those are days that will definitely be filled. However, if your wedding day is a winter wedding or an unusual day during the week and you are having a small wedding you might be in luck.

Are Your Negatives Being Held Hostage?
An important consideration when choosing a wedding photographer should be whether your negatives are included in your wedding album. Photographers have their own philosophy about the practice. No matter what you decide, it's important to store them safely and always get reprints from a reputable source because not all printers are created equal.

Portrait Shoot Dos and Don'ts
Avoid wearing busy clothes, anything with logos printed on them. Basically anything that will detract from you, the subject of the photograph. So probably fluorescent colors are out. If the portrait is of a couple or family, use good judgment in coordinating the clothing. Not necessarily matching unless that was the look you were going for. As for what to do in front of the camera, just relax! It's really matter of being comfortable. When you do that, you are going to look great.

Ready For Your Close-up?
Try to remember the following tips when the camera lens is aimed at you:

Don't forget your foundation and concealer.
Direct overhead lighting elongates your nose and casts shadows.
Avoid resting your chin or cheek against your hand.
Striking a pose looks unnatural and dated.
Arms held close to your body distorts your physique.
Poor posture is never flattering.
Pressing your legs against a chair will flatten and widen them.
When smiling, press your tongue against your teeth so gaps are not as noticeable.


Is Your Photographer Right For You? Two Key Factors
First, it is important to like that person and to feel at ease with them since they will be with you on such an important day. Second, you have to love their work. Before interviewing the photographer check out their websites and narrow your search before making an appointment to meet in person.

That way you don't get stuck in a studio spending time with a photographer whose work you don't like.

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